About Us

நீரின்றி அமையாது உலகு – World does not exist without Water

சிறுதுளி பெரு வெள்ளம் – Little drops make mighty ocean.

Kural-20 When water fails, functions of nature cease, you say; Thus when rain fails, no men can walk in ‘duty’s ordered way’. If it be said that the duties of life cannot be discharged by any person without water, so without rain there cannot be the flowing of water.

Our Vision

To help locate, map and revive all the water bodies with their feeder Canals. Create new water bodies and to impart knowledge in maintaining them.

Rainwater harvesting, sewage water treatment, grey water treatment, plastic less environment, increasing green cover and proper recycling of garbage (All these are essential for the survival of the water bodies).

Our Mission

  • To locate All the Rivers flowing around.
  • Mission 1 : To Locate all the Big Water Bodies called as Tank in Pondicherry – field visit , current photographs and also to provide data based on old records and govt publications ( 2001-2019 )
  • Mission 2 : To Locate all the Check Dams
  • Mission 3 : To Locate all the Ponds ( Kulam/Kuttai )
  • Mission 4 : To Locate the Main (Primary) Feeding canal.
  • Mission 5 : To Locate the Secondary Feeding canal.
  • Mission 6 : To Locate the Surplus canal.
  • Mission 7 : To place a Name Board in every waterbody with all the details of the waterbody.
  • More to be added soon (You can also suggest us)…

Our Approach

Still Working on it …

Our Story

When everybody started saying that we need to save the water bodies , we just sat back and thought which water-body is around us so that we can save it.

That is when we realized that we do not know the very source of water bodies around us… And this is where the search started

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